Curriculum Vitaé

Last updated: 05 February, 2015

Jeffrey Pow
Kuala Lumpur, 
Tel: (+60 16) 225-5995 

Career Objectives:

With over twenty four years experience in technical training in various Asian countries, ranging from computer engineering to systems administration, programming and SAP with experience in course development and pioneering a training centre as well as managing profit & loss of a training centre, my career objective is to continue to provide high end technical training in the state of art technologies that are high in demand.

Work Experience:




Jun 14 – present

Senior Instructor, Abeam Consulting Malaysia

On-going roles include conducting the SAP Solution Academy in ABAP Programming, as well as Netweaver Portal Development courses. Also responsible for setting up and configuring the SAP Training servers in ABeam’s Global Data Center (Hyper-V environment). Conducting courses for both external students as well as internal ABeam staff.

Jul 05 – May 14

Axon Academy Instructor, Axon Solutions, Malaysia
Conduct training and provide technical project expertise in the field of ABAP, Netweaver Portal, Java Development, etc for Axon Solutions Malaysia. Axon Solutions is one the largest independent SAP Consulting companies and has a strong expertise in ABAP development.

Apr 04 Jun 05

Senior Technical Instructor, CSA Malaysia
Primary roles include training in Sun Education syllabus in Java and Solaris as well as IBM Education syllabus in Websphere Application Server. Conducted various training in Southeast Asia region as well as India. Taught dedicated courses for various Fortune 500 companies like Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Accenture, IBM, etc. Also worked with Sun High End Servers like the Sun Enterprise 10000 and Sun Fire 15K. The CSA Training Centre is an education partner of Sun Education as well as IBM Education.

Oct 02 - Mar 04

Training Manager, Genovate Solutions Malaysia
Reporting to the CEO, job scope is a training manager. Responsible for training centre operations, revenue generation and expenses of training centre. Worked very closely with the SAP Education on conducting SAP Academies, managing the staff in the training centre. Also conducted course for the SAP Solution Academy (ABAP Programming). Also conducted a series of Perl Programming training to over 75 Motorola Malaysia engineers. Genovate Solutions Malaysia is a SAP Education Partner.

Feb 98 - Sep 02

Senior Technical Consultant, Sun Microsystems  (Asia South)
Reporting to the Technical Delivery Manager, job scope is a regional instructor for Sun Microsystems in the Asia South region. Specialization is in the Java and Solaris Practice. Accomplishments include:

  • Piooneering of Sun Educational Training Centre in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Conducted training and seminars for Sun Educational Services Java, Solaris and iPlanet curriculum (for majority of courses offered by Sun Educational Services) throughout the Asia South region for Sun customers, partners as well as Sun internal staff.
  • Countries covered include Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, India, the Phillipines and Brunei.

Sep 96 - Jan 98

Technical Support and Development Manager, Informatics College
Primary responsibility was on research and development projects with secondary role in lecturing courses in Informatics College. Reporting to the Engineering Manager and overseeing a number of laboratory assistants in the task. 

Major accomplishments include the development of the Computer System Support Engineering course as well as the Computer Network Engineering courses, both courses highly successful and eventually certified and validated by the University of Oxford.

Apr 96 - Aug 96

Systems Engineering, Melewar Computer Services S/B
Reporting to the General Manager, Melewar Computer Services S/B and in charge of the local area network maintenance (hardware, software, applications) as well as supporting both hardware and software systems at Melewar headquarters and subsidiaries. Worked in this role very briefly.

Feb 91 - Mar 95


Lecturer, Informatics College Malaysia 
Reporting to the Manager, Computer Engineering department, lectured the Certificate in Computer Engineering and Servicing course. Other tasks include setting and marking exam questions. Performed most work duty while obtaining the NCC and ADCS diplomas as well as obtaining a twinning degree.





Oct 94 - Jul 96

Bachelor of Information Technology (Distinction)
Awarded the Bachelor of Information Technology (with Distinction) majoring in Business Computing (G.P.A. of 6.36 out of 7.00) from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Aug 92 - Dec 93

Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (Distinction)
Scholarship student in the Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (ADCS) validated by the University of Oxford, Delegacy of Local Examinations at Informatics College. Was awarded the grade of Distinction.

Feb 91 - Mar 92

NCC (UK) Diploma in Computer Studies (Distinction)
Scholarship student for the NCC (National Computer Center, UK) course by Informatics College. Completed the course and was awarded the grade of Distinction. 

Apr 90 - Dec 90

American Degree Program (Dean's List - both semesters)
Enrolled at Rima College's American Degree Program with the initial intention of transferring credits to a university in the US. Awarded a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.88 out of 4.00 and was in the dean's list for two semesters enrolled. 

Courses Conducted:  


Axon Solutions, Malaysia

(SAP Education Courses)
- TAW 10 & 12 SAP ABAP Academy
- BC400 ABAP Workbench Fundamentals
- BC401 ABAP Objects
- BC402 Advanced ABAP
- BC405 Programming ABAP Reports
- BC407 Reporting with InfoSet Query
- BC410 Developing User Dialogs
- BC414 Programming Database Updates
- BC416 ABAP Web Services
- BC417 BAPI Development for Accessing SAP Components
- BC420 Data Transfer
- BC425 Enhancements and Modification
- BC427 Enhancements Framework
- BC430 ABAP Dictionary
- BC460 SAPscript
- BC470 Smart Forms
- BC480 PDF-Based Print Forms
- BC481 SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
- BC490 ABAP Performance Tuning

- BIT600 SAP Business Workflow

- BIT601 SAP Business Workflow – Build and Use

- BIT610 SAP Workflow - Programming
- HR350 Programming in Human Capital Management
- NET200 BSP Programming
- NET310 ABAP WebDynpro
- NET311 Advanced WebDynpro for ABAP
- JA100 SAP Java
- JA300 SAP J2EE Startup Kit
- JA310 Java WebDynpro
- JA450 WebDynpro for Java on SAP Netweaver 7.1
- TEP12 Development of Portal Applications
- EP120 SAP Netweaver Portal Development
- EP200 SAP Netweaver Portal System Administration
- SAPEP SAP Enterprise Portal Fundamentals

CSA Malaysia

Sun Education Courses (Retired courses)
- SM220 Sun Workgroup Server Maintenance
- ES421 Sun Fire High End Server Administration
- SL301 Distributed Programming with Java
- SA225-S10 Solaris 10 for Advanced Administrators
- DTP250 Perl Programming
IBM Education courses (Retired courses)
- WF31 Developing JSP and Servlets with Websphere Studio Application Developer
- WF35 Developing EJBs with Websphere Studio Application Developer
- WF38 Websphere Application Server Administration

Genovate Malaysia

- SAP Solution Academy (ABAP Programming)
- Perl Programming for Motorola

Sun Microsystems


Java Programming (Retired Courses)
- SL275 Sun Java Programming
- SL285 Java Programming Workshop
- SL351 Enterprise JavaBeans Programmingg
- SL400 Java Technology Architecture
- FJ310 Developing J2EE Compliant Enterrprise Java Applications
- SEM-SL-345 J2EE Seminar
- OO120J Object Oriented Programming wiith Java

Solaris System Administration (Retired Courses)
- SA118 Fundamentals of Solaris
- SA238 Solaris System Administration II
- SA288 Solaris System Administration III
- SA389 Solaris Network Administration
- SA400 Solaris Performance Management and Tuning

Enterprise System Courses (Retired Courses)
- ES220 Disk Management with DiskSuite
- ES310 Sun StorEdge Volume Manager Admministration
- ES400 Sun E10K Administration
- SM210 Sun Desktop System Maintenance
- SM240 Sun Enterprise Server Maintenannce
- SAN - Storage Area Network (Internal TTechnical Training)

iPlanet Courses (Retired Courses)
- DSAP - Directory Server Analysis and Planning
- ITSI - Introduction to Server Infrastrructure
- NAS - iPlanet Application Server 6.0 Administration

Other Courses (Retired Courses)
- DTP250 Perl Programming
- IN150 Web Publishing with HTML
- SL050 JavaScript Programming

Informatics College

- Certificate in Computer Engineering and Servicing.
- Advanced Certificate in Computer Systeem Support (developed this course)
- Advanced Certificate in Computer Netwoork Support (developed this course)
All three courses were validated by the University of Oxford.



SAP Certified Consultant - Development Consultant for ABAP

Sun Certified Professional

Courses Attended  


Sep 24-Sep 28, 2007

HR350 - Programming in Human Capital Management

Sep 12-Sep 16, 2005

NET200 - SAP Web Application Server: Developing BSP Applications

Mar 21-Mar 25, 2005

ES421 Sun Fire High End Server Administration

Jan 31-Feb 4, 2005

Solaris 10 System and Network Administration (Train-the-trainer)

Jun 4-Jun 8, 2004

SL425 Architecting and Designing J2EE Applications

Oct 21-Nov 22, 2002

SAP Solution Academy - TABC40 Application Development - ABAP Workbench

Nov 26-Dec 7, 2001

Sun's Storage Area Networking (Internal Technical Training for Sun Engineers)

Nov 6-17, 2000

iPlanet Application Server Administration & Developing Applications

Oct 2-6, 2000

iPlanet Introduction to Server Infrastructure

Aug 29-Sep 2, 2000

iPlanet Directory Services Analysis and Planning

Mar 13-17, 2000

SL351 Enterprise JavaBeans Programming

Mar 8-10, 2000

SM240 Sun UltraEnterprise Server Maintenance

Mar 6 & 7, 2000

SM210 Sparc Desktop System Maintenance

Apr 27 - 30, 1998

SL291 JavaBeans Component Development

Apr 20-24, 1998

SL303 Implementing Java Security

Feb 16-20, 1998

SL237 Sun Java Programming

Feb 9-13, 1998

IN150J Web Publishing with HTML, Javascript & Applets


  • More than twenty four years experience in the training environment including academic, professional as well as training management.
  • Technologically savvy with background in computer engineering, software engineering, programming in various programming languages, systems and network engineering.
  • Capable of delivering most technology oriented courses as well as develop courses.
  • Experienced in setting up of training centre as well as managing overall operations of training business
  • Able to install and maintain high end server applications like the Sun Java System Enterprise Server, IBM Websphere Application Server, Oracle Database as well as SAP Application Server (ABAP) as well as SAP Netweaver Application Server Java (with Portal and NWDI Usage), as well as Solaris/Linux based Internet services (eg. HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS, DHCP, etc).


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